Looking for a Windows Hosting with SQL Server? Here’s Our List for 2018

Windows hosting uses Microsoft product and platform to build hosting server. Usually, provider has ASP.NET, IIS, SharePoint, CMS installation, and .NET Framework. For your information, Windows hosting with SQL Server is a part of Windows Server. This means the entire system relies on Windows as similar to what you have at home. With Microsoft helps, the server becomes more stable and integrity. Many hosting providers offer Windows in their service. If you look for Windows hosting with SQL Server, the next list give brief explanation about it.

List of Windows Hosting with SQL Server

  1. Seekdotnet.com

Seekdotnet provides Windows hosting with several plans. You can choose economy plan that’s enough for personal website. Professional and enterprise plans are suitable for big scale websites. Furthermore, the server is capable to install any CMS, particularly the one that uses ASP NET. Technical support and customer services are ready to answer and help whatever and whenever you needs. Therefore, SeekDotNet is the top choice when you ask about Windows hosting with SQL Server.

  1. Hostgator

Next is Hostgator as prominent hosting providers. You can choose Windows server with unmanaged or managed plan. The cost is affordable compared to other competitors. This company has long experience in hosting business. The plans consist of several options based on scalability. You can expand small website to business scale with flexibility plan. That’s why Hostgator becomes favorite choice to many website developers.

  1. Bluehost

Bluehost has hosting for Linux and Windows. If you use Windows-based CMS, Windows hosting is the one you need. The server includes ASP NET, IIS, NET framework, and other Microsoft technologies. To attract more customers, Bluehost offers interesting discount and lower price. The cost is affordable with high flexibility to increase or decrease.

  1. 1&1

Another option for Windows hosting is 1&1. If you need unlimited plan with cheapest cost, this provider is what you need. The cost for Windows hosting might be higher than Linux. However, 1&1 is able to reduce it significantly, making it more favorable. Besides, the service is also excellent and the server has many features to support any platform based on Windows.

  1. Go Daddy

Go Daddy is the top company in hosting service. As usual, there is Windows hosting with various plans. Hosting is suitable for any client’s need from personal website, social media, to big online shop. Many companies rely on Go Daddy because of its experience, excellent service, and interesting offer. You also get free domain when choosing its plans.

  1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers interesting credit for customers. If you refer A2 Hosting to friends, there is credit to put into your account. Furthermore, the service has competitive price without losing capability. The server is capable to manage many websites based on SQL server from Microsoft.

  1. Web.com

Web.com has fair bandwidth for clients. It will turn into unlimited option if you choose big storage and high scale plan. The company has been around in this business with extensive experience. That’s enough to show credibility as Windows hosting provider.

SQL Server Management Studio 2016 Features

One of the most famous SQL Server DBAs is obviously  or better known as SSMS. Millions of websites around the world were established and maintained using SSMS. It has lots of useful features, making the tool as the most commonly used one today. The latest version of tool is 2016 SSMS. It is better and more sophisticated than its predecessor. Here’s the further information about SSMS 2016, particularly on the features.

The Best Features of the New SSMS 2016

There are plenty features embodied in SSMS 2016. Compared to 2014 version, this one is way better. It has more useful features, less bugs, and overall it is easier to operate. Let’s discuss some best features of SSMS 2016 that you should know.

  1. Automatic Updates

It is always a pleasant thing to use the most recent version of something. When you use SSMS 2016, you do not have to worry about being out-of-date. This new version has automatic update feature as the tool will automatically check for updates online. It also notifies if you can update it manually. Just check for updates notifications by going to “Tools” menu. There, click “Check for Updates” option to see if you can update the SSMS 2016 manually.

  1. Quick Launch

Searching file names and options manually is surely tiring and time consuming. Using SQL requires you to look for hundreds of code and scripts. You do not want to waste more time by having to manually search less essential stuff like file names and options. Thankfully, SSMS 2016 has this Quick Launch feature. This dialogue box allows you to rapidly search for menu items, file names, and options. You can find Quick Launch dialogue box on menu bar. It is located right on the top corner of it.

  1. Database Name Filter

If your SQL server hosts multiple websites, searching for database folders can be quite tricky. You will have to spend times to scroll through an endless list. Now, you do not have to experience that tricky situation anymore because SSMS 2016 has Database Name Filter feature. It will help you to categorize everything, from names to procedures, thus making everything way easier.

  1. Vertical Scroll Bar Enhancements

The new SSMS 2016 surely enhanced the productivity of developers by adding new improvement on code editor. The vertical scroll bar is now way easier to understand and quicker to comprehend since it is displayed in different colors. If you see some particular colors, you already know what happens. Say for example, red is code of syntax errors, green is for changes that have been saved, and yellow is the indication of unsaved changes.

Moreover, using SSMS 2016 can indeed bring a lot of benefits. You can basically create a website with ease and maintain everything related to website with small efforts only. Besides those features above, SSMS still has numerous other features to enhance productivity in developing as well as giving better result at the end of the day.