Looking for a Windows Hosting with SQL Server? Here’s Our List for 2018

Windows hosting uses Microsoft product and platform to build hosting server. Usually, provider has ASP.NET, IIS, SharePoint, CMS installation, and .NET Framework. For your information, Windows hosting with SQL Server is a part of Windows Server. This means the entire system relies on Windows as similar to what you have at home. With Microsoft helps, the server becomes more stable and integrity. Many hosting providers offer Windows in their service. If you look for Windows hosting with SQL Server, the next list give brief explanation about it.

List of Windows Hosting with SQL Server

  1. Seekdotnet.com

Seekdotnet provides Windows hosting with several plans. You can choose economy plan that’s enough for personal website. Professional and enterprise plans are suitable for big scale websites. Furthermore, the server is capable to install any CMS, particularly the one that uses ASP NET. Technical support and customer services are ready to answer and help whatever and whenever you needs. Therefore, SeekDotNet is the top choice when you ask about Windows hosting with SQL Server.

  1. Hostgator

Next is Hostgator as prominent hosting providers. You can choose Windows server with unmanaged or managed plan. The cost is affordable compared to other competitors. This company has long experience in hosting business. The plans consist of several options based on scalability. You can expand small website to business scale with flexibility plan. That’s why Hostgator becomes favorite choice to many website developers.

  1. Bluehost

Bluehost has hosting for Linux and Windows. If you use Windows-based CMS, Windows hosting is the one you need. The server includes ASP NET, IIS, NET framework, and other Microsoft technologies. To attract more customers, Bluehost offers interesting discount and lower price. The cost is affordable with high flexibility to increase or decrease.

  1. 1&1

Another option for Windows hosting is 1&1. If you need unlimited plan with cheapest cost, this provider is what you need. The cost for Windows hosting might be higher than Linux. However, 1&1 is able to reduce it significantly, making it more favorable. Besides, the service is also excellent and the server has many features to support any platform based on Windows.

  1. Go Daddy

Go Daddy is the top company in hosting service. As usual, there is Windows hosting with various plans. Hosting is suitable for any client’s need from personal website, social media, to big online shop. Many companies rely on Go Daddy because of its experience, excellent service, and interesting offer. You also get free domain when choosing its plans.

  1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers interesting credit for customers. If you refer A2 Hosting to friends, there is credit to put into your account. Furthermore, the service has competitive price without losing capability. The server is capable to manage many websites based on SQL server from Microsoft.

  1. Web.com

Web.com has fair bandwidth for clients. It will turn into unlimited option if you choose big storage and high scale plan. The company has been around in this business with extensive experience. That’s enough to show credibility as Windows hosting provider.

SQL Server Management Studio 2016 Features

One of the most famous SQL Server DBAs is obviously  or better known as SSMS. Millions of websites around the world were established and maintained using SSMS. It has lots of useful features, making the tool as the most commonly used one today. The latest version of tool is 2016 SSMS. It is better and more sophisticated than its predecessor. Here’s the further information about SSMS 2016, particularly on the features.

The Best Features of the New SSMS 2016

There are plenty features embodied in SSMS 2016. Compared to 2014 version, this one is way better. It has more useful features, less bugs, and overall it is easier to operate. Let’s discuss some best features of SSMS 2016 that you should know.

  1. Automatic Updates

It is always a pleasant thing to use the most recent version of something. When you use SSMS 2016, you do not have to worry about being out-of-date. This new version has automatic update feature as the tool will automatically check for updates online. It also notifies if you can update it manually. Just check for updates notifications by going to “Tools” menu. There, click “Check for Updates” option to see if you can update the SSMS 2016 manually.

  1. Quick Launch

Searching file names and options manually is surely tiring and time consuming. Using SQL requires you to look for hundreds of code and scripts. You do not want to waste more time by having to manually search less essential stuff like file names and options. Thankfully, SSMS 2016 has this Quick Launch feature. This dialogue box allows you to rapidly search for menu items, file names, and options. You can find Quick Launch dialogue box on menu bar. It is located right on the top corner of it.

  1. Database Name Filter

If your SQL server hosts multiple websites, searching for database folders can be quite tricky. You will have to spend times to scroll through an endless list. Now, you do not have to experience that tricky situation anymore because SSMS 2016 has Database Name Filter feature. It will help you to categorize everything, from names to procedures, thus making everything way easier.

  1. Vertical Scroll Bar Enhancements

The new SSMS 2016 surely enhanced the productivity of developers by adding new improvement on code editor. The vertical scroll bar is now way easier to understand and quicker to comprehend since it is displayed in different colors. If you see some particular colors, you already know what happens. Say for example, red is code of syntax errors, green is for changes that have been saved, and yellow is the indication of unsaved changes.

Moreover, using SSMS 2016 can indeed bring a lot of benefits. You can basically create a website with ease and maintain everything related to website with small efforts only. Besides those features above, SSMS still has numerous other features to enhance productivity in developing as well as giving better result at the end of the day.

Let’s Understand How Cloud Server Works

For web developers, it is not strange to hear the term of cloud server since they work with this.  Even, they really need cloud server to develop and keep performance of the site. As its name, cloud server is actually a virtual server. This uses cloud technology that can provide better access with online and virtual access. Server itself can be understood as the house where all processing and data are stored and processed. Of course, this is not enough explanation. That’s why it is good to get further information about the technology.

Knowing Deeper about the Cloud Server and Its Process

It is true that cloud server is famous lately. Instead of using physical server, many developers now choose to work with the cloud one. Well, this makes the physical one look old-school. The cloud technology itself enables better access since it can connect some servers virtually. With this virtual connection, the performance can be much better since there are more machines to work in processing and helping the work of server. Supported by the fast and stable internet connection, this platform can perform and work better compared to the physical platform.

For working mechanism, cloud server is actually made by smaller servers and each of them has different tasks to do and keep supporting one another. Therefore, the downtimes and malfunction will never be big problem anymore. Although there can be some reductions in performance, it will not make the sites fully off because the malfunction occurs only in some part of server, while the other can still work well.

In addition, there are benefits of using cloud server. The solution in malfunction and downtime is just one of benefits obtained by its cloud system. There are still other great benefits to find and here are some of them.

  1. Stability and security

Well, as what has been explained, the server actually consists of many smaller server. With this condition, processing can be more efficient. This will allow the platform to handle better stability. Meanwhile, for about security, it is also better. Whenever there is problem with software or other malfunction, it will be automatically isolated. It can be handled well because of characteristic of the server.

  1. Cheap price

In fact, it is possible to get cheaper price. It is because the cloud platform works with better efficiency compared to the physical server. It can have better and faster services. For resources, it can be less although in fact it still provides better and higher performances. Moreover, there are many competitors of provider, so it is very possible to get competitive price of services.

  1. Easy to upgrade

The other benefit is about upgrade. It is common to find some problems because of limited specification of hardware. In this case, it is faster and easier to do upgrade, such as adding capacity of hard disk or SSD and its RAM. These are very possible to do and this can be done just by contacting the customer services.

Umbraco for Your Company Profile Site

Umbraco is one of content management systems that we can find on the web. It works within Microsoft-based programs. Moreover, Umbraco content management system is used for creating a website. It is the most preferred content management system as it is included in top 10 most well-known open source programs. It has 221.745 active community members. Umbraco can be a great tool to build your company profile site. Since it is a notable tool, it must be supplied with excellent features. What are the features contained in Umbraco? We will discuss them in the next explanation.

Umbraco’s Way in Defining Your Company Profile Site

A reliable company must have its own profile. The profile is crucial for company’s existence since it contains important things, such as company’s brief history, vision, and mission. Then, those three elements reflect the image of a company. Later on, the customers will have a perception of this company based on the image. In building a site for company profile, you must use the reliable tool to ensure the company profile site’s performance. Here, you will find out the superb specialties of Umbraco.

First, it is an open source program. Since it is open source, you can access the tool freely without hesitation. Thus, you will be able to customize your website based on your need because of Umbraco’s openness. The bonus is, you do not have to give any penny for the license. Second, if you want a full control of your contents and the management, Umbraco has provided it for you. By using Umbraco, the contents organization and management can be done seamlessly. Moreover, you can set the schedule to broadcast your contents.

Third, Umbraco provides easiness in using the program. It is suitable for content creators and web developers. Either you are the beginner or the expert, everyone can use Umbraco. The interface is also easy to be accessed. You will not feel overwhelmed in creating your company profile site. Fourth, to make sure that your company profile site runs well, Umbraco offers an outstanding team of developers that always ready to help you. You can contact the technicians at the office hour or using the emergency ticket to consult your website.

Next, it has a capable multi-language service. Wherever you are and whatever language that you speak, Umbraco makes the process in managing contents run smoothly in every language. Lastly, since it is integrated with Microsoft software, the contents you have made can be transferred easily to your website. In the end of the day, it creates a sleek process in producing contents for your company profile site.

From the explanation above, we have known that company profile is crucial in defining the company’s image. Umbraco is an outstanding tool for your website. It is supplied with some superb innovations that help you establish the company profile site, such as flexibility, outstanding developers, and user-friendliness. With Umbraco, your company profile site will look impressive. In brief, just use Umbraco to create an appropriate company profile site of your business.

Looking for Windows Hosting Reseller?

Right now, websites have important roles. All business will need website for promotion and other accesses of services. Therefore, there are also big demands of hosting services. Related to this, in fact there have been many services providers of hosting and also many options of services for those who are going to run business of web hosting. Although there can be many companies and providers, it does not mean that people can choose randomly. There should be good considerations to make in order to get the best provider, so the website and business can run well. There will not be any complaints from customers.

Several Qualities to Find Good Windows Hosting Reseller

With many options available right now, looking for quality is necessary. Since this is going to be business, good services must be prepared well to provide great satisfaction. So, some considerations must be made; it is not wise at all to choose randomly. Even, picking providers of web hosting services based on their good names still cannot fully guarantee.

As for solution, Seekdotnet.com can be good choice. This provider can provide good features needed for business of web hosting reseller, even when it is specifically for Windows hosting reseller. There are many good things offered by this provider. These are some of them.

  1. NET and PHP hosting

For Windows web hosting, technology of ASP.NET is needed. Related to this, the provider supports the latest version of this technology to boost the performance in hosting. For case of PHP hosting, SeekDotnet.com works on the latest PHP version and PHPMyAdmin. Many features for video and audio streaming are also supported, so there will be no problems for running and managing PHP-based websites.

  1. Database technology

The other important thing in Windows hosting reseller is about database. For its management, the servers of SeekDotnet.com have been proven that MSSQL 2012 and MySQL 5 can work well. Therefore, the database keeps updating the technology to give better access and management for accounts and their data.

Related to management of data and files, this provider also does backup regularly. The process of backup and recycle is done weekly. There will be lower risks of losing files in the database.

  1. Security of server

It is normal to worry about security. When database management and its hosting technology are great but not supported by good security and firewall, it will be useless. In this case, the best anti-virus and firewall are provided by Seekdotnet.com. With these security services, there is no issue to worry.

  1. Money back guarantee

The other great service is about its guarantee. For disappointment or problems found in services, clients can claim and there is money-back guarantee. This guarantee is provided, although so far there is no disappointed client.

With all of those points, Seekdotnet.com can be right place to find services for Windows web hosting reseller. Its server, database management, and technologies are the latest to make sure that all process can work well. The websites will always run well without risks of overloads or other problems.

Five Ways to Improve your Joomla Website



We are maybe always hearing about Joomla. Joomla is one of the Open sources CMS that quite popular in this world. There are so many sites that we can find use Joomla as their CMS or their Content Management System. Joomla is used for any aims such as for personal, business or for local and center government sites. With a fact that there are so many people who use Joomla or Joomla users, it is for sure that you have to improve your Joomla website to compete with the others. Below are Five Ways to Improve Your Joomla Website.

  1. Do the Right and Proper Treatment. What we mean here is that Joomla is light software to be downloaded, but if you did not do the right treatment Joomla can be so slow and heavy when it was downloaded. Some default tips that you can do to improve your Joomla website are reduce the amount of articles that are displayed on the front page, activate your cache feature on your Joomla and turn off or clean all the unused modules and components.
  2. One of the Five Ways to Improve Your Joomla Website is by installing some components to optimize your Joomla. You can easily find out about these components from the internet. After that, you can activate a debugging feature through your admin menu, global configuration and the amount of query that will be executed. If your joomla query amounts are more than 70 queries, we recommend you to turn off the module or component that asks more queries.
  3. The third way is by checking your website by using an online tool. You can easily get this tool on internet. This tool will give valuable information about how to increase your website performance. Besides that, it is also better to reduce the amount of internal and external links on your website. Just keep the links that are beneficial for your website.
  4. One of the Five Ways to Improve Your Joomla Website is by speeding up the loading process of your joomla process. You can use a clean and elegant template. You can check the speed on a demo template feature. The other way is by doing the right and proper image cultivation before it is uploaded to the hosting server that you will use on your website in the future. You can do it with resize and pixel resolution image adjustment.
  5. Last of Five Ways to Improve Your Joomla Website is by using the proper amount of plugin and components. Please delete the plugin and components that are not used. The other ways is by choosing a hosting server that has the finest quality. The speed of website loading will have an impact on search indexing process and page per view on your joomla website.

So, above are Five Ways to Improve Your Joomla Website that you can do to have a better Joomla website performance.

Common Misconceptions about Cloud Hosting

Common Misconceptions about Cloud Hosting
Common Misconceptions about Cloud Hosting

There are many Misconceptions about Cloud Hosting. Some web hosting experts also called these misconceptions as the myths that are always happened on cloud hosting world. These misconceptions are commonly appeared on most people minds. Are you one of those people? Below we will give some misconceptions that we can always find with the explanation about the misconceptions.

Common Misconceptions about Cloud Hosting: Cloud Hosting is not as secure as the in house server hosting

There is a myth that is spread among the public that data on cloud hosting is not as secure as data at in house server hosting. What is the fact? In fact, cloud hosting is more secure than the in house server hosting as long as user choose the reliable provider. It is because the cloud provider is usually having a team of experts who have a great knowledge about technology and it is included the security for data. Besides that, this team will always make sure that this security feature will be always upgraded so it can prevent the data from any problems. Besides that, the reliable provider is usually having a certification for security and security of system audit. In the other words we can say that users may not worried about the security system on cloud hosting.

Common Misconceptions about Cloud Hosting: Virtualization and cloud

The second Common Misconceptions about Cloud Hosting that is always happened is about the virtualization and cloud. Many people though that these things are the same. However, in fact they are not. Virtualization is actually the way for maximizing the use of computing, networking, storage and increases the flexibility. Meanwhile, cloud computing gives much better value on platforms of virtualization. These are done by streamlining the processes of management and increase the efficiencies. The aim of these efficiencies is for reducing the TCO or Total Cost of Ownership.

Common Misconceptions about Cloud Hosting: On Cloud Hosting the Data Location is Unclear

Well, is that true? The answer is no. In fact, the data organization is having a full control for stored data and also for the location. Users can simply choose the local private cloud.

Common Misconceptions about Cloud Hosting: Cloud Hosting is lowering cost

This misconception is always heard. This is true that cloud hosting can save more money especially for capital and operational costs. With this case, company or organization can focuses more to make a strategy in growing their business.

Common Misconceptions about Cloud Hosting: You cannot go back after the cloud migration

The next myth that is mostly appeared is that where the users cannot go back after the cloud migration was done. Well, is this right? This misconception is not totally right. Company has to make sure that the cloud provider offers a smooth migration to and from the cloud platform. This migration step by step way can be designed for keeping certain control and it can avoid the downtime problem.

The History of Web Hosting – Linux Hosting and Asp.net Hosting

The History of Web Hosting – Linux Hosting and Asp.net Hosting

The History of Web Hosting

Many website owners are maybe already known about web hosting. There is a asp.net hosting and linux hosting. there is also variant of cheap asp.net hosting. That is a basic knowledge that is mostly known by them. However, how about the history of hosting? Did they know it? In fact, many of them are still did not understand and did not know about that. That is why; below we will give some short explanations about The History of Web Hosting to give more knowledge that maybe it will be useful for us.

Before early on 1990 there is an obligation that stated that if a company wanted to introduce some information about products or services through internet or online, they have to own their own web server for keeping all the data which want to be publicized. This case was triggering a new problem in that time when there were just little companies which be able to buy web hosting server and there is a market monopoly as well as an impact of this regulation. This is the beginning of The History of Web Hosting and it started many general web hosting services appeared.

Many years ago, owning a web hosting was not as cheap as using or owning a web hosting like at the present time. As we know that nowadays there are so many hosting companies that offer service packages variation based on their market targets. It can be started from a free web hosting service that has different specifications with the other paid version.

Cheap asp.net hosting and linux hosting variants

The first variant of webhosting started with Linux operating system, when microsoft release windows server variants then we have the asp.net hosting variant. there are many cheap asp.net hosting option.

It is one of the developments that we can note as a part of The History of Web Hosting. For data cultivation as well, we can see the differences between the current webs hosting with the old one. We can say that nowadays, there are so many tools and application that are beneficial to be used. It will possibly the users for adjusting their data in hosting and giving an online information. This is especially for the shared hosting service where the main server arrangement is done by web hosting provider and users just need to cultivate the data that they have. This development of The History of Web Hosting means that nowadays users may not need to have a specific knowledge to work with a web hosting.

The History of Web Hosting: When Web Hosting was introduced?

Web hosting was first introduced on 1991 that offered a service for everyone who wanted to share information for the public. That is the beginning. However, at the present time, we can find that there are so many companies that offer a web hosting rent for individual or for company needs. Nowadays, the kind of web hosting which is offered is varied from the capacity, storage, access, cost, traffic and many more. However, all the differences between web hosting in some years ago and web hosting right now, can be a great knowledge and that is an essential information and development of The History of Web Hosting.

Domain Name and Web Hosting, What is the Difference?

Domain Name and Web Hosting, What is the Difference
Domain Name and Web Hosting, What is the Difference

This is maybe such a question that always appears on most of the people who always deal with internet and blog or website. If you questioned about this thing as well, you are in the right place. We will share about the differences between domain name and web hosting. Actually, a website cannot stand by itself and it needs domain and hosting to create a proper website. Below is a further explanation to answer this question and give a clearer sight about Domain name and web hosting, what is the difference?
Explanation about Web Hosting
We will begin with web hosting first. If you wanted to take it simple, website can be assumed as a “house”, meanwhile hosting is the land of your house and domain is the address or location of your house. Domain name and web hosting, what is the difference? Hosting has a function as a place to keel all files that are existed on your website. The aim of this is that further your website will be able to be accessed by anyone, everywhere and anytime. All of those files have to be kept on a server hosting and this server hosting will be online for 24 hours. Some files that can be placed on a web hosting are HTML, PHP, Java Script, AJAX and many more.
So, what is Domain Name?
Domain name and web hosting, what is the difference? Domain is actually a component that is essential as well for running a website. Domain name is used for giving the name of address of your website. Domain can be separated into two parts; they are the “TLD Domain and CCTLD Domain”. TLD Domain is also called the global domain and this kind of domain name does not have any requirements. The examples of this domain are .com, .net, .org and many more. Meanwhile, CCTLD Domain is a local domain. It means that every country have the different rules about this domain.

For the domain name case, every user is free to choose the domain name that they will apply on their website, but one domain name is only could be used by a user. Domain cannot be kept or booked before. It means that if you wanted to order a domain name and you have already had a plan about that domain name, you can straightly type your desired domain name on the domain order page. If you already finished ordering this domain name, you have to pay the cost so that domain name will be not taken by the other users. So, it is as simple as that.

So, we can conclude that Domain and Hosting are the essentials part to make or creating a website. Although they have a clear different and based on the explanation above we can answer Domain name and web hosting, what is the difference? Domain and web hosting is the important parts that have to be paired together in making a proper website.

Is it a good idea to use wordpress as e-commerce site?

Is it a good idea to use wordpress as e-commerce site

The wordpress platform which was initially a great tool for online blogging has now evolved into a full scale backend software which is capable of powering all sorts of websites including the ecommerce ones. A professional webpage is the secret behind the success of any lucrative online business since it opens the doors to earn a handsome profit at the end of the month. In this article we are going to discuss why it’s a great idea to make use of the WordPress E commerce platform for your online business.

These days, worpress hosting in e-commerce sites has become really popular among online entrepreneurs. You can also choose to make use of the various WordPress ecommerce plugins which would help you convert your regular WordPress Site to a professional online store.

Why use WordPress  hosting for your ecommerce site?


WP ecommerce system is being extensively used and there have been over 300,000 downloads of the WP ecommerce software till date. This implies that your potential customers are already familiar with the WordPress sites and might be reluctant to buy from another platform which your website might be using.

It comes with links to various payment gateways:

WordPress Ecommerce comes with more than one built in payment gateways like Pay-Pal-Express, PayPal, Google checkout and of course manual payment. The manual payment can be used in transactions involving cash orders.

Visually Appealing

Your webpage tells a lot about the quality of the products or services you are offering. It goes without saying that most of the time spent in the creation of a site goes towards enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Integration of the shopping cart system into any website naturally helps to improve its overall appearance and prompts the customers to make a purchase.

It comes for free

One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress ecommerce is that it would allow you to save a lot of money. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on your shopping cart system you can always get it for free by using the WP ecommerce. Moreover the developers are constantly enhancing the systems and all the updates are available for free download.

Easy installation and compatibility with other plugins

It would take you just 5 minutes to download the WP ecommerce system. It comes with groups, sales, marketing, setting links, variation functions and marketing which are extremely important for any transaction with your clients.


You can find a vast number of WordPress ecommerce themes many of which are available for free. A perfect theme which matches the content of your ecommerce site would create a positive impression of the customers. It would ensure that your customers browse through the products conveniently and make a buying decition. Though all the WordPress themes are not meant for ecommerce sites, you can easily find one suited to your need. The themes can be edited and the open source approach would let you modify these themes whichever way you like.

It comes with well defines segments

All the sections of WordPress ecommerce are properly organized. The inclusion of the ‘Group’ tab would help you add unlimited categories along with their sub categories. While Zencart or Magento would only let you use separate page for all the various functions, WordPress ecommerce only comes with tabs which are manageable. It would make the process of navigation and quick access infinitely easier.

Very easy to customize

The WordPress ecommerce offers widgets which can be customized. The widgets can be personally customized and installed to the sidebar for quick access. A smart and customized shopping cart widget would impress your visitors and prompt them to make a purchase. This widget can be used by your customers to go through their shopping history. Customers can now move right to the payout section and make the payment. Some of the customizable plugins in the WordPress ecommerce system include shopping cart, latest products, donations, product specials, price range, categories and groups.

Promotional and marketing tools

Online entrepreneurs can now enhance their profit margin by using the Marketing tools and Cross Promotion of the WordPress ecommerce. You can find these tools below the Marketing link tab. Now you can even convince your customers to buy a product with a coupon code.

WooCommerce- the best free WordPress Ecommerce plugin

The most popular free ecommerce plug in for WP ecommerce system, Woo Commerce comes with full of high end features which would help you convert your WP ecommerce site into a billion dollar online store. Launched back in 2011 WooCommerce has been downloaded 1.6 million times so far. Lets take a glance at the various cool features of this WordPress ecommerce plugin.

It’s free:

WooCommerce can be downloaded for free and unlike other free plugins this one comes with a full range of features.


One of the greatest advantages of WooCommerce is that it allows the entrepreneur to be much more flexible with their offerings without having to bother about the technical aspect of things. Moreover WooCommerce shops can sell physical, downloadable, virtual and even affiliate products.

So much more than just ecommerce:

WooCommerce can allow you to create a fully functional online store within your website or alongside your blog.


About 51% of the best million websites are run by WordPress hosting. It goes without saying that ecommerce start-ups can easily adapt to the familiar friendliness of the WP platform. WP users can easily relate to the Woo Commerce plugin which is very similar to the easy to use interface of WordPress.

Customization options:

Though available for free, WooCommerce allows it’s users to select from over 39 different themes many of which are free.

In built Analytics System

The built in analytics system of the WooCommerce plug in would save the entrepreneurs the trouble of applying an analytics systems to their site.

WooCommerce Extensions:

You can choose from over hundreds of WooCommerce extensions many of which can be obtained for free.

Final Words

WordPress which was originally developed as a blogging platform is now compatible with e-commerce websites as well. If you are a starter who doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on creating a ecommerce site then you should definitely consider this option.