SQL Server Management Studio 2016 Features

One of the most famous SQL Server DBAs is obviously  or better known as SSMS. Millions of websites around the world were established and maintained using SSMS. It has lots of useful features, making the tool as the most commonly used one today. The latest version of tool is 2016 SSMS. It is better and more sophisticated than its predecessor. Here’s the further information about SSMS 2016, particularly on the features.

The Best Features of the New SSMS 2016

There are plenty features embodied in SSMS 2016. Compared to 2014 version, this one is way better. It has more useful features, less bugs, and overall it is easier to operate. Let’s discuss some best features of SSMS 2016 that you should know.

  1. Automatic Updates

It is always a pleasant thing to use the most recent version of something. When you use SSMS 2016, you do not have to worry about being out-of-date. This new version has automatic update feature as the tool will automatically check for updates online. It also notifies if you can update it manually. Just check for updates notifications by going to “Tools” menu. There, click “Check for Updates” option to see if you can update the SSMS 2016 manually.

  1. Quick Launch

Searching file names and options manually is surely tiring and time consuming. Using SQL requires you to look for hundreds of code and scripts. You do not want to waste more time by having to manually search less essential stuff like file names and options. Thankfully, SSMS 2016 has this Quick Launch feature. This dialogue box allows you to rapidly search for menu items, file names, and options. You can find Quick Launch dialogue box on menu bar. It is located right on the top corner of it.

  1. Database Name Filter

If your SQL server hosts multiple websites, searching for database folders can be quite tricky. You will have to spend times to scroll through an endless list. Now, you do not have to experience that tricky situation anymore because SSMS 2016 has Database Name Filter feature. It will help you to categorize everything, from names to procedures, thus making everything way easier.

  1. Vertical Scroll Bar Enhancements

The new SSMS 2016 surely enhanced the productivity of developers by adding new improvement on code editor. The vertical scroll bar is now way easier to understand and quicker to comprehend since it is displayed in different colors. If you see some particular colors, you already know what happens. Say for example, red is code of syntax errors, green is for changes that have been saved, and yellow is the indication of unsaved changes.

Moreover, using SSMS 2016 can indeed bring a lot of benefits. You can basically create a website with ease and maintain everything related to website with small efforts only. Besides those features above, SSMS still has numerous other features to enhance productivity in developing as well as giving better result at the end of the day.

Let’s Understand How Cloud Server Works

For web developers, it is not strange to hear the term of cloud server since they work with this.  Even, they really need cloud server to develop and keep performance of the site. As its name, cloud server is actually a virtual server. This uses cloud technology that can provide better access with online and virtual access. Server itself can be understood as the house where all processing and data are stored and processed. Of course, this is not enough explanation. That’s why it is good to get further information about the technology.

Knowing Deeper about the Cloud Server and Its Process

It is true that cloud server is famous lately. Instead of using physical server, many developers now choose to work with the cloud one. Well, this makes the physical one look old-school. The cloud technology itself enables better access since it can connect some servers virtually. With this virtual connection, the performance can be much better since there are more machines to work in processing and helping the work of server. Supported by the fast and stable internet connection, this platform can perform and work better compared to the physical platform.

For working mechanism, cloud server is actually made by smaller servers and each of them has different tasks to do and keep supporting one another. Therefore, the downtimes and malfunction will never be big problem anymore. Although there can be some reductions in performance, it will not make the sites fully off because the malfunction occurs only in some part of server, while the other can still work well.

In addition, there are benefits of using cloud server. The solution in malfunction and downtime is just one of benefits obtained by its cloud system. There are still other great benefits to find and here are some of them.

  1. Stability and security

Well, as what has been explained, the server actually consists of many smaller server. With this condition, processing can be more efficient. This will allow the platform to handle better stability. Meanwhile, for about security, it is also better. Whenever there is problem with software or other malfunction, it will be automatically isolated. It can be handled well because of characteristic of the server.

  1. Cheap price

In fact, it is possible to get cheaper price. It is because the cloud platform works with better efficiency compared to the physical server. It can have better and faster services. For resources, it can be less although in fact it still provides better and higher performances. Moreover, there are many competitors of provider, so it is very possible to get competitive price of services.

  1. Easy to upgrade

The other benefit is about upgrade. It is common to find some problems because of limited specification of hardware. In this case, it is faster and easier to do upgrade, such as adding capacity of hard disk or SSD and its RAM. These are very possible to do and this can be done just by contacting the customer services.