Is it a good idea to use wordpress as e-commerce site?

Is it a good idea to use wordpress as e-commerce site

The wordpress platform which was initially a great tool for online blogging has now evolved into a full scale backend software which is capable of powering all sorts of websites including the ecommerce ones. A professional webpage is the secret behind the success of any lucrative online business since it opens the doors to earn a handsome profit at the end of the month. In this article we are going to discuss why it’s a great idea to make use of the WordPress E commerce platform for your online business.

These days, worpress hosting in e-commerce sites has become really popular among online entrepreneurs. You can also choose to make use of the various WordPress ecommerce plugins which would help you convert your regular WordPress Site to a professional online store.

Why use WordPress  hosting for your ecommerce site?


WP ecommerce system is being extensively used and there have been over 300,000 downloads of the WP ecommerce software till date. This implies that your potential customers are already familiar with the WordPress sites and might be reluctant to buy from another platform which your website might be using.

It comes with links to various payment gateways:

WordPress Ecommerce comes with more than one built in payment gateways like Pay-Pal-Express, PayPal, Google checkout and of course manual payment. The manual payment can be used in transactions involving cash orders.

Visually Appealing

Your webpage tells a lot about the quality of the products or services you are offering. It goes without saying that most of the time spent in the creation of a site goes towards enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Integration of the shopping cart system into any website naturally helps to improve its overall appearance and prompts the customers to make a purchase.

It comes for free

One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress ecommerce is that it would allow you to save a lot of money. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on your shopping cart system you can always get it for free by using the WP ecommerce. Moreover the developers are constantly enhancing the systems and all the updates are available for free download.

Easy installation and compatibility with other plugins

It would take you just 5 minutes to download the WP ecommerce system. It comes with groups, sales, marketing, setting links, variation functions and marketing which are extremely important for any transaction with your clients.


You can find a vast number of WordPress ecommerce themes many of which are available for free. A perfect theme which matches the content of your ecommerce site would create a positive impression of the customers. It would ensure that your customers browse through the products conveniently and make a buying decition. Though all the WordPress themes are not meant for ecommerce sites, you can easily find one suited to your need. The themes can be edited and the open source approach would let you modify these themes whichever way you like.

It comes with well defines segments

All the sections of WordPress ecommerce are properly organized. The inclusion of the ‘Group’ tab would help you add unlimited categories along with their sub categories. While Zencart or Magento would only let you use separate page for all the various functions, WordPress ecommerce only comes with tabs which are manageable. It would make the process of navigation and quick access infinitely easier.

Very easy to customize

The WordPress ecommerce offers widgets which can be customized. The widgets can be personally customized and installed to the sidebar for quick access. A smart and customized shopping cart widget would impress your visitors and prompt them to make a purchase. This widget can be used by your customers to go through their shopping history. Customers can now move right to the payout section and make the payment. Some of the customizable plugins in the WordPress ecommerce system include shopping cart, latest products, donations, product specials, price range, categories and groups.

Promotional and marketing tools

Online entrepreneurs can now enhance their profit margin by using the Marketing tools and Cross Promotion of the WordPress ecommerce. You can find these tools below the Marketing link tab. Now you can even convince your customers to buy a product with a coupon code.

WooCommerce- the best free WordPress Ecommerce plugin

The most popular free ecommerce plug in for WP ecommerce system, Woo Commerce comes with full of high end features which would help you convert your WP ecommerce site into a billion dollar online store. Launched back in 2011 WooCommerce has been downloaded 1.6 million times so far. Lets take a glance at the various cool features of this WordPress ecommerce plugin.

It’s free:

WooCommerce can be downloaded for free and unlike other free plugins this one comes with a full range of features.


One of the greatest advantages of WooCommerce is that it allows the entrepreneur to be much more flexible with their offerings without having to bother about the technical aspect of things. Moreover WooCommerce shops can sell physical, downloadable, virtual and even affiliate products.

So much more than just ecommerce:

WooCommerce can allow you to create a fully functional online store within your website or alongside your blog.


About 51% of the best million websites are run by WordPress hosting. It goes without saying that ecommerce start-ups can easily adapt to the familiar friendliness of the WP platform. WP users can easily relate to the Woo Commerce plugin which is very similar to the easy to use interface of WordPress.

Customization options:

Though available for free, WooCommerce allows it’s users to select from over 39 different themes many of which are free.

In built Analytics System

The built in analytics system of the WooCommerce plug in would save the entrepreneurs the trouble of applying an analytics systems to their site.

WooCommerce Extensions:

You can choose from over hundreds of WooCommerce extensions many of which can be obtained for free.

Final Words

WordPress which was originally developed as a blogging platform is now compatible with e-commerce websites as well. If you are a starter who doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on creating a ecommerce site then you should definitely consider this option.