Five Ways to Improve your Joomla Website



We are maybe always hearing about Joomla. Joomla is one of the Open sources CMS that quite popular in this world. There are so many sites that we can find use Joomla as their CMS or their Content Management System. Joomla is used for any aims such as for personal, business or for local and center government sites. With a fact that there are so many people who use Joomla or Joomla users, it is for sure that you have to improve your Joomla website to compete with the others. Below are Five Ways to Improve Your Joomla Website.

  1. Do the Right and Proper Treatment. What we mean here is that Joomla is light software to be downloaded, but if you did not do the right treatment Joomla can be so slow and heavy when it was downloaded. Some default tips that you can do to improve your Joomla website are reduce the amount of articles that are displayed on the front page, activate your cache feature on your Joomla and turn off or clean all the unused modules and components.
  2. One of the Five Ways to Improve Your Joomla Website is by installing some components to optimize your Joomla. You can easily find out about these components from the internet. After that, you can activate a debugging feature through your admin menu, global configuration and the amount of query that will be executed. If your joomla query amounts are more than 70 queries, we recommend you to turn off the module or component that asks more queries.
  3. The third way is by checking your website by using an online tool. You can easily get this tool on internet. This tool will give valuable information about how to increase your website performance. Besides that, it is also better to reduce the amount of internal and external links on your website. Just keep the links that are beneficial for your website.
  4. One of the Five Ways to Improve Your Joomla Website is by speeding up the loading process of your joomla process. You can use a clean and elegant template. You can check the speed on a demo template feature. The other way is by doing the right and proper image cultivation before it is uploaded to the hosting server that you will use on your website in the future. You can do it with resize and pixel resolution image adjustment.
  5. Last of Five Ways to Improve Your Joomla Website is by using the proper amount of plugin and components. Please delete the plugin and components that are not used. The other ways is by choosing a hosting server that has the finest quality. The speed of website loading will have an impact on search indexing process and page per view on your joomla website.

So, above are Five Ways to Improve Your Joomla Website that you can do to have a better Joomla website performance.